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Frequently asked questions

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When signing up to Quuu, we'll ask you to choose your favourite social media scheduling tool, like SocialChief or HubSpot. You can then set up interest categories for each social media profile you already have connected. Each day we'll send hand-curated content on auto-pilot to your schedule or you can manually pick through our suggestions yourself from inside the Quuu dashboard.
Since day one, we've hand-reviewed content and over time we've built up a checklist of things to check for when reviewing. If any of them trigger, we won't include it in our content bank.
Content is curated in a number of ways. Our team curate content each day by manually scouring the web and reviewing it to ensure it's high quality and relevant to each topic. Content is also curated by industry experts we call Quuurators and promoted by Quuu Promote users. We hand-review every single post to ensure you are always sharing the very best content in your chosen topics.
Quuu currently supports Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Quuu only accepts English content to ensure quality is in-line with our content curation guidelines.
Quuu has a free plan for up to 1 social profile, so you won’t be charged until you decide to add a 2nd. We'll ask you to upgrade when you do.
You can choose, it's up to you. You can manually share suggestions to your schedule and add a personal touch or you can choose our automatic option and have Quuu share hand-curated content to your all your social media accounts for you. Content scheduling made easy :-)

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