Getting to know Quuu.

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Quuu was founded in 2015

Globally recognised as being a leader in quality curated content.

Our laser-focused team stood the test of time and matured with every year that's past to make Quuu continually relevant and super-useful.

It was over 7-years ago now that Dan and Matt were running an agency and wanted a reliable and quick way to fill their clients' social media schedulers with interesting, and crucially, relevant content.

Quuu was born shortly after, and it's been an exciting journey for our team. We've not raised huge amounts of capital, we had a few small seed rounds that totalled less than £200k raised.

We're a small team, but a passionate one who prides itself on being able to adapt quickly. Not to mention the fact that we have grown Quuu as a company using mainly Quuu itself in conjunction with Quuu Promote to give our own blog worldwide coverage.

We can't wait to see what the future holds, and we look forward to building relationships with you as users along the way.