Putting the content front and centre of the reading experience, without the distractions of excessive ads, pop ups and branding which might not be to your taste. Reader Mode gives you a sleek reading experience that allows you to enjoy the content in a consistent style that you’ll love.


We give you the power to make Reader Mode consistently match and remember your visual preference. Change the backgrounds between white, dark and sepia, and alter the font type and size until it’s right for your eye! You can even have our Reader Mode read the article aloud for multitasking or visually impaired users.

Supporting Creators

We don’t want to deprive the hard working content creators of traffic, views, sign up and engagement, so we’re building Reader Mode to be ethically positioned to allow creators (via Creator Tools) to be able to still track views, add widgets to the Reader Mode experience to include non-obtrusive ads, mailing list sign up and even engagement tools like polls.

"Fill your social feeds with the highest quality content you can find online, hand-curated by the Quuu team."

Daniel Kempe - Quuu CEO


Reader Mode isn’t just a sleek way to enjoy your content, but from right there in the Reader Mode you can:

  • Follow the creator
  • Leave a comment
  • Open the original site
  • Add to Read Later
  • Add post to a sharing Pod
  • View estimated reading time