While browsing Discover's wealth of content quickly shortlist your favourite pieces of content to a convenient Read Later library saving your fave content for a moment in your day where you can spend more time enjoying and studying it.

No more FOMO


  • The title speaks to you
  • You think a friend needs to see it, or
  • You were just about to read it when your boss walked in.

...Read Later is there so you don’t miss out.


Once you've added to your read later you'll be able to organise your shortlisted posts into folders to allow you to quickly find and order the content you want to revisit. When you’re done with it, simply click the icon again to remove.

"Fill your social feeds with the highest quality content you can find online, hand-curated by the Quuu team."

Daniel Kempe - Quuu CEO


Whether on mobile or desktop, tablet or carrier pigeon, Read Later is quick to access, easy to view and is just a pleasurable way to enjoy your favourite content.