45,375,310 +

That’s the number of social media shares we’ve generated for our Quuu Promote customers.

Companies trust Quuu because we are the only content promotion tool that has real people sharing your content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Get hundreds of mentions, opportunities to engage with a relevant audience, and traffic to your content.
Promote your blog on social media

We get relevant people sharing your content with their audience, what you then do with all those shares is up to you

Promote your blog to real people via real people

We don't use bots to share our content. Real people and businesses on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide the clicks and shares that you see on your promotions. By optimizing your promotion you could see thousands of clicks and shares by real people and businesses.
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Promote your content to the right audience

By using Quuu Promote, you can increase the traffic to your blog. An audience with a genuine interest in your promotion shares your content. Our guided content promotion process helps you to optimize for maximum click potential before it’s shared. Real people with a genuine interest in your content share it across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Increased SEO social signals

Companies love Quuu Promote because it's a great way to promote your content that gets real people sharing & talking about your blog or website. Social signals from sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn correlate strongly with Google rankings. Get hundreds of mentions, improve your blogs' SEO, get opportunities to engage with a relevant audience, and drive traffic to your content.
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Improve you social signals and SEO
improve your content marketing strategy

Supercharge your content marketing strategy

Quuu Promote makes it simple to give your content marketing strategy a boost. With over 40,000 people sharing content daily and over 500+ interest categories for you to submit your content.


Neil Patel Testimonial
"Don’t forget the ‘marketing’ in your content marketing.  Make sure you schedule time every day to promote your blog. That should be supplemented through apps and tools like Quuu Promote."
Neil Patel
Aaron Orendorff Testimonial
"Quuu and Quuu Promote are the first automation tools that made my jaw drop. During the first month, my Tweet impressions went up 169.4%, mentions 218%, retweets and likes 167%, and link clicks 467.5%. And the only thing I did was push go!"
Aaron Orendorff
Brian Evans Testimonial
"Supercharge your blog promotion by using Quuu Promote. It drives engagement and traffic to your content automatically. It's like having a new staff member actively promoting your content for you."
Brian Evans
Pricing starts from just
$40/ per promotion
Each promotion runs for 30 days
Promoted on social media via real people, to real people
Continually promote your evergreen content again and again for free with unlimited re-promotions
The more you promote, the more you save
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We have plans available for big and small content creators, please hit the live chat in the bottom right for more information

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I promote my blog?

Simply sign up, then start building your campaign. You enter the content URL then build out what users will share to their followers. You can create shares for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Do you accept all content?

Since day one, we've reviewed content and over time we've built up a checklist of things to check for when reviewing things. If any of them trigger, we won't include it in our content bank. This ensures all the content we suggest for Quuu users to share are high quality and in-line with what they expect from us. View our curation guidelines here.

What sort of traffic can I expect?

Traffic is totally dependant on how well you build out your promotion. It needs to inspire people to click on it. As we only rely on real people to share and click on your content, you need to ensure your share text is amazing.

Where will users share my content?

Quuu users share content on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Right now you can include your @twitterusername in Twitter shares so you can mentioned alongside each share, and we are working on this for Facebook and LinkedIn as well.