Follow and support your favourite content creators, subscribe, read and engage with their content all within the Discover app, all without sacrificing their ability to make a living from their content.

The Quuu reader mode provides you with a consistent reading experience but at the same time allows content creators to continue to build an audience they own, and profit from their creations.

Engage & Share

Interact and take part in discussions around content you care about. Quuu makes it super simple to share content you discover either by scheduling for later or sharing in the moment.

Quuu integrates with third-party scheduling tools like SocialChief, Buffer, Hootsuite, HubSpot and others to make scheduling content you find on Quuu to your social media profiles super simple!


The real beauty of Discover is your ability to personalise your content experience with what we call "Category Clusters"

  • Build your own Category Clusters
  • Receive weekly email digests with the best content
  • Follow & support your favourite creators

"Feedly and Pocket are BAD for content creators. We’re doing something about that injustice."

Daniel Kempe - Quuu CEO

Create & Promote

Create your own Discover profile, submit your own content, build an audience and give your content the engagement it deserves.

Quuu Discover gives you the chance to upload ALL your content, no matter the source, to your Discover profile where people interested in the relevant topics will find and engage with your content.