Always updated content: what is it & why does it matter?6 min read

Content Marketing November 23, 2017 5 min read
always updated content


Always updated content: what is it & why does it matter?6 min read

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We all know the importance of standing out online. If you’re a content creator, this is increasingly difficult. That’s why we’re eager to read about any technique that could give us a much-needed edge on the competition.

Today, we’re going to look at one such tactic: always updated content. It may sound simple, but it can be surprisingly effective.

What is always updated content?

Keeping your content updated frequently has been an important tactic in SEO for some time, but always updated content goes one step further. This type of content is continuously improved, so that the information in it stays relevant, current, and evergreen for good.

To get an idea of what this looks like in real life, check out this ‘Always Up-to-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes’ from Sprout Social. In this example, the content is designed to be a continuously updated resource – the kind their audience might bookmark and come back to time and again. This is not the only benefit to creating always updated content, though.

Benefits of always updated content

Always updated content has numerous benefits. Much like evergreen content, it is similar in that it remain consistently relevant and continually generate returns. When it comes down to it, every business is looking for growth and long-term sustainability.

The ways businesses achieve growth objectives varies, but typically includes strategies such as:

  1. Spreading awareness via various marketing channels
  2. Establishing yourself as an industry authority
  3. Increasing  traffic to your website and click-through-rate

Luckily for you, always updated content is an extremely versatile tool to have in your arsenal, and can achieve all of these.

As a result, this content offers countless benefits, including:

Immediately conveying a sense of value to the reader. When someone stumbles upon a post with the words “Always Updated”, they are instantly informed of the content’s value and singularity.

Audiences don’t like playing guessing games, and attention spans are notoriously limited. Using the term “always updated” instantly gives them a solid concept of the quality of information they will be receiving. It significantly increases the likelihood that they’ll read your content, and establishes you as a credible source.

Distinguishing you from your competitors. When you consistently keep your content up-to-date, you’re staying several steps ahead of the competition. The truth of the matter is most sites don’t have always updated content (yet!), so if yours has ‘up-to-date’ in the title, it will appeal to your audience. Who wants a guide written in 2013 when they can have one that is always relevant?

Serving as a lead magnet. Always updated pieces serve as great lead magnets, due to the evergreen and valuable nature of the content. Combine them with keyword-rich text and you’re on your way to high-quality lead generation like you’ve never seen before.

always updated content

Transforming your audience into repeat, long-term visitors. Always updated content provides a wealth of relevant and up-to-date information on a given subject. As a result, your updates will attract consistent and long-term traffic when compared with your standard, static posts.

Offering compounding returns. Always updated content works in many of the same ways as evergreen content, since they both fundamentally remain relevant over the course of time. Its long-term relevance means you can continuously attract leads with minimal work.

Actionable Tactics You Can Use Now

There are many ways you can use always updated content in your content marketing strategy.

By keeping your content constantly updated, not only are you establishing yourself as an authority, but you’re also allowing Google every opportunity possible to index the page. This, in turn, helps to establish trust with the search engines and create a sort of ‘rapport’.

To help you along the way, we’ve included a list of actionable tactics you can use to begin using today.

Use always updated content as an educational resource

Always updated content is a great format to use for educational resources, like guides, eBook, or even infographics.

High-quality, informative content helps spread awareness, and when properly marketed, will work to establish you as an industry authority.

always updated content

Use always updated content as gated content Using always updated content as a gated resource is a great tactic for building your email list.

By using gated content as an opt-in incentive, you’re providing valuable information to the audience while generating high-quality leads. Nurture these, and you could convert them into long-term customers.

Use your always updated content to re-engage existing audiences

We often find ourselves stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to re-engaging our audience. The good news is that always updated content makes this process easier.

By promoting valuable content to them, you can re-engage your audience continuously each time you make an update. So, whenever you make revisions, promote them on your various marketing channels to help generate interest.

Include a link to your official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Quora accounts on the website and make it easy for readers to share your content to their social media profiles effortlessly.

always updated content

Optimize your always updated content for organic ranking

It’s just as crucial to optimize always-updated content for search as it is any other type of content.

Optimising for search engines means including rich, high-quality keywords in your content. This will help you get exposure on the SERPs, attract quality traffic, increase your domain authority and boost your ranking.

Optimisation can also come in the form of “teaser” content such as the title, H1s, H2s and metadata. Be sure to craft a compelling “teaser” and include the phrase “Always Updated” or something similar in the title.

By creating engaging headlines and metadata that reels the audience in, you can vastly improve traffic, engagement and click-through-rates.

Be consistent with your content revisions

Setting a schedule for your always-updated content revisions helps establish credibility and authority. For instance, if you have an “Always Updated SEO Guide”, schedule revisions annually or any time Google announces algorithm changes. This shows your audience that you’re serious, professional and on top of your game.

always updated content

It’s also important to note that you should always remember to include a “Last Updated” note in your always updated content so as to avoid any ambiguity on the revisions. Timelines of updates also prove very useful. After all, you wouldn’t want your always updated content reflecting an original post date of 2 years ago!

In a nutshell

Today’s audiences are more savvy than ever before. We live in an age where we have unlimited resources available in seconds at our fingertips. As a result, our preferences for everything – from products to content – have become more precise.

This is why making use of evergreen, always updated content is such a clever tactic. With always updated content, you’re immediately able to stand out in the midst of a sea of competition. It establishes you as an industry authority, builds credibility and shows that you take your content seriously.

Always updated content is also great for attracting traffic, increasing engagement and boosting your search rankings as well. Using words such as “always” or “forever” in the title of your post will show your audience that your content is the highest standard in the industry.

So there you have it: an breakdown of always updated content, it’s benefits, and ways you can start using it. Will it become part of your content strategy?

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