The tools we use at Quuu3 min read

March 9, 2016 2 min read


The tools we use at Quuu3 min read

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A great way to keep track of everything across the entire team. We’ve used Trello since day 1 and continue to use it today to keep track of everything we do now and in the future. We use it to prioritize features, blog posts, anything!

Check out Trello


You’ve probably heard about Slack. Slack is the hub of all communication between the team. As we all work in different locations, keeping up to date at all times is a must. Slack has just announced “Calls” as well so now we can voice chat to each other. All we need now is screen sharing and collaboration tools and we’ll fully switch from Skype to Slack!

Check out Slack


Webflow powers our website and blog. Now i’m not a developer, so having a way to create and manage the site myself is awesome! Be sure to check out the Webflow video below made by the guys at Sandwich Video.

Check out Webflow


We are proud to say that we have spent nothing on marketing for Quuu so far but have grown to over 4,500 users just by simply using Quuu Promote. Quuu Promote shares your content with a relevant audience across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ at the same time.

Check out Quuu promote


Not only is Quuu built on Buffer’s API, it’s also part of our daily routine. Simply add content to Buffer and schedule a time to post to all your connected social networks. Post now or in the future.

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Where would we be without Intercom. Intercom keeps track of all our users and allows us to tag notes on their experiences with Quuu so that we truly feel like we can tailor our chats with each person. It allows us to set up drip email campaigns which run automatically based on our users interactions and their position in the user journey. Above all, it allows us to talk directly and openly with our users about Quuu, which gives us the best feedback loop ever! It’s quite simply the most valuable service we use.

Check out Intercom

Stripe + ChartMogul

We use Stripe to manage all our payments, and find it extremely user friendly and efficient. Stripe lacks any analytics, so we connect with ChartMogul who provide really useful information and insights that we use to understand our revenues better.

Check out Stripe

Check out ChartMogul

Typeform + Zapier

Typeform allows you to create forms, but not just any forms. They are totally customisable to your needs and integrate with varoius tools like Google Apps or Stripe. We use Typeform everyday to collect user submissions from Quuu Promote, and then connect with Zapier to push information from submissions to a Google Sheet.

Check out Typeform

Check out Zapier


Intercom is awesome, but it lacks analytics, so we use Statbot who automatically provide seriously useful information on our users activity. They include information on acquisition, retention, growth rates and even our customer service stats!

Check out Statbot


What is OpenVoyce, I hear you say. OpenVoyce is something myself and Olivier Mekki put together. We wanted a service where anyone could submit feature requests and discuss with others, so we created OpenVoyce. That’s what the little “Make a suggestion” tab is on the right 🙂

Check out our OpenVoyce page here

Which tools do you use at your startup? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the discussion below.

Co-Founder and CEO at Quuu