How to Upgrade Your Social Media Marketing Strategy as a Social Curator10 min read

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How to Upgrade Your Social Media Marketing Strategy as a Social Curator10 min read

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If you are a business owner or marketing director looking to increase your social media presence then this article on how to be a Social Curator will give you a great grounding in how to flood your social media channels with tonnes of quality curated content, and you’ll learn what it means to get into the world of content curation for social media.

It’s pretty easy to recognize the breadth and power that social media marketing has on the world. As a small business owner, it makes sense to tap into that audience. With 3.484 billion (yes, with a B!) social media users, you’d be silly not to engage on those platforms.

But content creation can be time-consuming and difficult to get right, especially when you need content every single day! And let’s face it, your audience can be somewhat fickle. So, if you stop posting for a while, start putting out bad, or even mediocre, content you’ll get lost in the social shuffle.

If you are a social media manager or in charge of content for your business, maybe you need to switch hats and also become a social curator. This new trend in social media gives you a new purpose for sharing on your social platforms. 

Read on to learn about social curation and garner some tips to get started while upping your marketing strategy.

Before learning all about it, for a bit of fun, why not test your existing knowledge of social curation. No pressure, we’re all winners here 🙂

Social Curator Question Time

If you are a Social Curator do you:

As a Social Curator does your own opinion play a part?

Do you have to carefully select what you share, or is it more important to get engagement regardless of the source?

What is Social Curation?

Social curation is not entirely new. For a while bloggers and influencers have acted as social curators putting content out for their followers. Social curation can be explained as the sharing of content from the web that is centred around a particular topic or theme. 

The person who is responsible for a business’s social media would act as their social curator. Social curation allows a business to act as experts on topics and also stretch the kinds of things they share to their social media accounts. It also allows them to go beyond creating their own social media content, which can be a real positive. 

So, acting as a social curator, you gather reliable sources from a variety of places. These should be focused on one specific topic, often something related to your particular business. Then you add your voice and expertise to the collection of information.


Benefits of Social Curating for Your Business

Being active on your social media platforms has real advantages for any business. From connecting to potential customers, using it for marketing and acting as an expert, social media for business is smart. 

There are a variety of reasons to add social curation to your social media strategy. Let’s consider some of the many benefits of it. 

Find Your Niche

Define the niche you want to fit into.  Using keywords will help to give you direction. Ask yourself what more information might your customer base want or need. 

Expert Status

By using social curation, you can act as and become an expert on a wide array of topics that can be related to your business or service. Your followers then come to you as a source of information. 

Easier On You

If you are in charge of social media content, then you already know it can be time-consuming. It takes time and thoughtful planning to create quality content day after day.

Using a social content creation strategy for your social platforms can actually save you some valuable time.

Be Part of What Others are Doing

On the one hand, bloggers and influencers have been doing this for a long time. But businesses are jumping on the bandwagon now too. 

You don’t want to be that business who only posts their own content. In truth, this can get a little dull and samesy to see every day.

Networking and Business Growth

You will be surprised at the additional value of networking with others to create your social curation posts. You can connect with others in your field for the sharing of ideas.

If you are putting out informative content that presents you as both informed and an expert, you are sure to get more followers to your business’ social media platforms.

Makes You Informed Too

The truth is when you don’t use your own material from your business over and over again, you are forced to become more knowledgeable too. 

Certainly, you know your own business. But as you seek out other information on Google around themes related to your business, you gain knowledge, and crucially, you keep your finger on the pulse, as do your followers. 

How to Implement Socially Curated Posts on Your Platform

Becoming a Social Content Curator means you might need to shift your thinking a bit. This will stretch you beyond your normal marketing plan.

As a Social Curator, you will want to think beyond your own business. You will want to consider what topics you need to pursue. Here are some important questions to consider as you think about topics for curation:

  • Who would benefit from this topic?
  • Why would this information be helpful to them?
  • Is the source you are sharing both beneficial and useful?
  • Is the source unique as putting out what’s already available might not be helpful.
  • Will your audience feel a connection to the information?

Once you have curated content, then you need to consider how to post it so that it’s most useful. This is when you need to have a posting plan.

It’s also a good idea to consider the rule of thirds

  1. 33% Brand Promotion – One-third of your content should be related to your own brand promotion. Much more than that and it could desensitize your followers to the product or service. 
  2. 33% Curated Content – Then spend one-third of your posting schedule on your curated content to establish yourself as an expert source of information. 
  3. 33% Social Engagement – Then use the last third to interact with followers being chatty, asking questions, and getting to know them and build that rapport.


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Tips for Being a Successful Social Curator

As you venture into the lane of being a Social Curator, there are a few key things to consider. Let’s take a look at some tips from those who have been doing this for a while.

Choose Sources Carefully!

If you want to be viewed as an expert in your field, you want to choose sources carefully. You will also need quite a breadth of sources. Your first step might be to build up a list of resources you can tap into when you are creating your curated posts.

Use News Sources

News sources don’t have to mean just television news or online sources. Instead, consider your industry. Look to professional associations for reliable and newsworthy information. This is where knowing your niche matters because then you can go to experts and connect them to your business. 

Study Social Media

Technically, we might say study the metrics. The social media world is always evolving. For example others have been doing social curation for a while and now, and the business world really only just joining – so you’re one of the forward-thinking smarty pants who will be ahead of the curve, well done you! Pay attention to what is happening in the social world. 

Watch your competitors and see what is popular with them and also what is not working so well. It helps to see what followers might react to and on the flip side, not care about at all. 

Be Consistent

There are a couple of things to consider here. First, be patient with yourself as you navigate this new method of putting out information. It’s a learning curve. 

Second, if you want your followers to come to you as a source of information, you need to provide information for them very consistently. You could give them one great post and then not post again for days. Guess what, they will move on and look for information someplace else.

Start a Conversation

Social media 101 is knowing you need to engage your followers. The more engaged they are with your brand, the better. And you can beat all those algorithms so your posts get views.

So, get your followers talking. Raise questions. Stir debate. Post things they might have questions about. The more you can get them talking, the better. 

Know Your Audience

You might have accounts on a variety of social platforms. That doesn’t mean you need to use them all for your social curation. Consider your audience.

Where will they most use and interact with your social curation posts? Use that platform. Get followers used to knowing that they can go to that platform for this kind of post and information.

Finding Balance

You might be new to this social curation gig. You might be ready to dive in headfirst. Or on the flip side, you might be nervous and reluctant. 

Either way, decide how often you want to use socially curated posts. Find an agreeable pivot point between carefully sourced curated content on a topic your followers will find interesting, and your own lovingly crafted content. Perhaps use the aforementioned rule of thirds to begin with and then tweak as you see fit based on feedback and social analytic trends.

Use the mix it up strategy in that you are giving them some promotional pieces to help your marketing plan. Then do some personal posts as it relates to the business and then also your social curation posts. 


Get Your Social Account in the Social Curator Game

Do you want to become a social curator for your business? 

Are you ready to up your social media game and try this on your social media platforms? 

Use our tips, aim for both informative and fun so your followers will want to engage with you. 

Don’t forget to not just share but actually chat and enjoy the online discussion with your followers.

If you want help to promote your content we are here for you on Quuu Promote, we can hook you up with trustworthy content choices to share on across your social channels at Quuu, so just check us out and have a chat with our team if we can be of assistance.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. if you didn’t take the quiz earlier in the post, then have a quick bash at it now and see if you’re now The Social Curator of the future!

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