Reaching more people by working less2 min read

December 30, 2015 2 min read


Reaching more people by working less2 min read

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If you’re a marketer, a writer, an online social climber, or all of the above, then you’ll be familiar with the eternal issue of reaching as many people as possible.

Allow me to paint the picture. You’ve written your piece and it’s been posted to your site, now, of course, you’re going to share it via your social media account. Immediately, one of your loyal followers retweets it — brilliant! Then you get a steady trickle of favourites and retweets for a few more hours.

Come the next day, your engagement has fallen off a cliff and aside from any rogue shares in the future, you feel that your post is going to collect electronic dust and cobwebs (experiences may differ of course, but I think we all agree that the same pattern remains true regardless of the scale). I refer to this approach as ‘Post and Pray’ and you’re not alone in this, in fact, this is the default strategy for most people these days.

There are two principal causes of this:

When people see an article that they like, they generally share it immediately as opposed to waiting until later that week, or next month. So all the activity happens instantly and then it slows down exponentially as fewer people share.

Not everyone who’s interested in the topic you write about regularly visits your site. This applies even to the largest columns. For example, if you’re a WSJ columnist and you write about health, not everyone in the UK will read your work, because they might go to The Telegraph for their health articles.

So, it sounds very much like the only solution to this would require a lot more time and effort on your part, but it’s not the case, it is this problem that led us to create Quuu.

Our users are saving hours upon hours of searching for the right article and can put their feet up while top quality content is fired out across their social media accounts.

Even better, for our Quuurators, they are ensuring that their own articles are shared from thousands of accounts worldwide and all they have to do is take 20 seconds to copy/paste their article URL into Quuu and customise the post with hashtags and usernames, which are later checked by our team.

I’m so proud to be a founder, it’s a highly talented team that are working on it we have some big names supporting it. We’ve recently received some seed capital to allow us to develop the web app further and we’ve got bags of exciting tricks up our sleeves to reduce the ‘Post and Pray’ approach.

Matthew is COO and Co-founder of Quuu, his background is in PR, Marketing and Project Management and he loves writing about these topics as well as startup life, remote working and team management! Connect with him on Twitter or Instagram @MatthewSpurr