The 5 pillars of Quuu’s company culture2 min read

January 15, 2016 2 min read


The 5 pillars of Quuu’s company culture2 min read

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In line with the way we’ve done everything else to date in Quuu, we didn’t just choose a list of values that we wanted to adhere to, we’ve based this list on the values by which all of us live, and our combined vision for the future culture of the company as it grows.

At Quuu we don’t exactly conform to the standard conventions of company/customer dynamics. We know that our users are everything, we started Quuu in order to solve a problem and help people, and so we want to make sure the users are involved in the way the company grows moving forward. This means we need to communicate regularly and honestly.

Here are the 5 pillars of Quuu’s Company Culture:

Human Touch

When we speak with our users we realise that we’re speaking with people and not data. Who we work with, and for, is important to us and we enjoy building relationships and better-understanding everyone over time.


Yes Quuu is a company on paper, but above all, it’s a family. We have a shared vision that benefits everyone, we understand each others needs and beliefs and embrace all of them equally. Respect is imperative to our work, and therefore there is no hierarchical structure at Quuu. We work with people who we believe are perfect for the job, and encourage involvement across multiple disciplines. Everything is discussed openly and when decisions are being made, we’re all in them together with consensus – no single person’s vote is more powerful.


This is imperative to the growth of Quuu. In the same way that Quuu’s management includes everyone, so too does its decision making, we want to include our users in the discussions that shape our growth and value this feedback above all others. We always aim to seek feedback and advice, after all Quuu is designed to help our users!


Inspired by Buffer’s approach to transparency and completely in-line with our own values, we believe that this refreshingly transparent approach to management ensures greater levels of trust, more efficient problem solving and a closer relationship to both users and employees alike.


A positive outlook can achieve a lot more, and breeds a happier working environment for all concerned, which in turn makes everyone happy.


Quuu Company Culture

Matthew is COO and Co-founder of Quuu, his background is in PR, Marketing and Project Management and he loves writing about these topics as well as startup life, remote working and team management! Connect with him on Twitter or Instagram @MatthewSpurr