4 Tips for Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts at the Same Time8 min read

Social Media June 26, 2020 6 min read


4 Tips for Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts at the Same Time8 min read

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Managing multiple social media accounts is definitely more time consuming than most people imagine, so here are 4 tips to lighten your load!

Social media has changed our lives. It’s impossible to imagine what the world would look like without it. This new way of socializing has introduced humanity to a new, convenient, way to communicate with each other. You can talk to your friends, meet new people, read up on the latest news, and even make money; all while sitting comfortably behind your computer screen. However, doing it right, and really getting results, this can get a little overwhelming at times. But don’t despair, we’ve got your back!

It takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication to get to the top of this extremely competitive world. But if you think you’ve got what it takes to become a professional social media manager, then here are some social media tips on how to juggle multiple social profiles easily and effectively.

Secure Your Social Media Accounts

Losing your Facebook page is bad. Losing your Twitter account, LinkedIn account, Google account, and Tumblr account shortly after is even worse. Just because it hasn’t happened to you yet doesn’t mean you can neglect the security of your social platforms.

The rules are very simple:

  • Use different passwords for every account you have (check out 1password for a cool tool to help with this);
  • Use lower- and higher-case letters as well as numbers in your passwords;
  • Don’t give your passwords out to people you don’t trust;
  • Change your passwords at least once a year.

Yes, it’s a headache (but not if you use a password manager like 1passwords mentioned above). But in this case, it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially once you’ve used your social media management skills to set up a small business. These simple precautions can save your life. In fact, they probably have already without you even noticing.

Unfortunately, following the security guidelines still doesn’t guarantee your account won’t fall into the hands of hackers. Website databases are breached more frequently than you think, leaking all the logins and passwords to the public. Keep an eye out for recent breaches to find out if your security is compromised and always keep a backup way to restore the ownership of your account in case you’re hacked.


Most platforms offer different levels of security. No one really wants to confirm their login via their phone every time they want to have a chat with their followers. However, if you’re responsible for your company’s social media management, maybe it’s worth enduring a slight inconvenience to afford yourself the peace of mind that you won’t be responsible for your company getting hacked.

Compared to regular users, people with popular accounts present a way juicier target. So you have to be extra careful when it comes to your online activity. It only takes one careless click on a link from a random message you received and your account is gone, or at the very least could have some prankster posting random content to your followers, that you certainly wouldn’t have approved – yikes, embarrassing!

The more barriers you can place between hackers and your accounts – the better.

Fail to prepare, prepare to…

FAIL! Yes, planning your social media strategy ahead of time is a very important part, imperative aspect of being successful on social these days. You have to be consistent, that means lots of content, and lots of content means you need to prep.

You can wing it for some time. But if life starts getting in the way (you get flu, Alex from the design department keeps distracting you, you’re constantly called into meetings etc.) you need a backup plan to keep things ticking along without you at the helm.

If your budget allows it, and you have marketing minions, then your team members can handle some of that stuff for you. But otherwise, you should make sure you’re placing your trust in some solid forms of social media management automation.

Develop a posting schedule that covers you for the next few weeks. A content calendar will help you to stay on track. You need to tie your social posts in with your overall marketing strategy and ensure your updates are relevant, high quality and most of all being posted at optimal times.

Automate as much of the work as you can so that you can concentrate on other things when you need to. Managing multiple social profiles can be really stressful if you don’t plan ahead and schedule content, so do yourself a big favour and check out these articles with more tips and tools you might find useful in doing this (also more to come in the next section below):

How to Find Content for Social Media – The Busy Person’s Guide

The 2020 Social Media Automation Guide – Work Smarter, Not Harder

Programs like IFTTT can also take a lot of work off your hands. It’s definitely worth your time to learn how to use it. Once you become semi-proficient with it, you’ll feel a huge workload reduction. Schedule your content in an easy and comfortable way using simple social media schedulers like SocialChief.

Social Media Management Tools

There is a myriad of helpful social media management tools that will make it way more comfortable to maintain your social network presence. The functionality varies greatly, but mixing a couple of programs up can get you just the thing you need.

This recent post from the Quuu blog can introduce you to just a few of the top products you might want to add to your roster of ‘go-to’ tools:

Social Media Tools Your Team Needs in 2020

Some of the best social media management software include Buffer, ContentCal, Sprout Social, Zapier, Tailwind, and, of course, Quuu. Every major social media marketing specialist uses at least one of these.

These give you a huge advantage. The tools allow you to get all the information you need and manage it all from one place instead of jumping all around your social media profiles trying to manage all the new posts that appear every minute, and constantly chasing your tail.

Mentions, tweets, hashtags, posts, RSS feeds – all the information you have to monitor can get overwhelming. Being able to organize all that mess into a neat suite of select tools is simply priceless.

Analytics FTW!

Let’s talk about stats a bit. You’ll be in one of two camps over this, you’ll either love them, or you’ll hate them.

Love them or hate them, the numbers can hold the key to your future success achieving social media growth. The information you gather and analyze can answer many of your questions about your social media content, your follower behaviour and allow you to identify useful trends.

However, sometimes making sense of these stats can be overwhelming, especially when you’re managing multiple accounts. So the real key to this is placing your trust in, yes, you guessed, more snazzy software.

Here are a few tried and trusted SaaS apps that are bound to help you master your data and leverage that knowledge to become a social media Druid!

3 Handy Social Media Analytics Tools to Check Out

Keyhole – specialising in hashtag tracking, covers all platforms, and provides simply to understand reports.

Quintly – compare your brand’s performance against that of your competitors, using over 350 metrics to track your efforts on social.

Brand24 – More focused on staying abreast of what people are saying about your brand, providing reports and analytics to make you feel like the all seeing eye of social media.

All these reports will help you optimise the way you use your multiple social media accounts and save you hours and hours of time. In some cases there’s no alternative but to use tools like this, because if you’re responsible for managing multiple highly popular social media accounts then you simply won’t have the time in the day to make sense of all that activity.

Final Words

While it looks like a dream job, social media management is actually a very stressful thing, if only done manually and without a plan. Most people maintain their social media channels for fun. They talk to their friends, post stories or pictures, look for inspiration and the latest news. It’s a sort of psychological outlet and a hobby. But when you make it your primary job – your favourite activity can turn into a nightmare really fast.

If you’re an experienced social media manager and you’d like to share some tips then I’d love to hear from you, comment on the blog or have a chat with us on social media @Quuu_co, we’d love to learn more about you and what you’ve found works best.

4 Tips for Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts at the Same Time
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4 Tips for Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts at the Same Time
Managing multiple social media accounts is definitely more time consuming than most people imagine, so here are 4 tips to lighten your load!
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