Areas for improvement at Quuu3 min read

November 9, 2015 2 min read


Areas for improvement at Quuu3 min read

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So far we’ve been absolutely blown away by the kind words, support and success stories that we’ve heard from our users. They’ve been extraordinarily helpful and selfless in the time that they’ve taken to chat with us.

So I wanted to write a blog about what we’ve learned to date from our chats with our Quuusers and hear from you in the comments as to whether we’ve got the right idea in what we’re looking to improve.

  • There appears to be a sign-up glitch which has affected just under 0.3% of our sign-ups, where the user’s name is not pulling through from Buffer and connecting to Quuu. We’ve been working on this and will be doing everything we can to rectify the issue and then compensate those who have been affected by the inconvenience.
  • Requests to introduce an opt-in newsletter to show our users what has been sent through to Buffer the night before. We had a lot of internal debate about this one at the beginning because although you’re able to review your posts from your Buffer dashboard, we know that you’ll want every opportunity to confirm that what’s being posted is exactly to your liking. However, the last thing we want to do is be clogging your inbox with mail from us, so we would probably make this an ‘opt-in’ service as opposed to a default setting.
  • Requests to introduce the facility to see a sample of posts from within the interest category before subscribing to it. We like this idea too, so we’ll definitely be working on that in the near future.
  • Give users more metrics so they can see what their Quuu account has enabled them to do (whether Quuuser, Quuurator or both).
  • Adding more categories – we’ve obviously had a lot of questions from users about if there’ll be a category about ‘this or that’ being added soon. The answer is ‘yes’ there will be, as soon as there’s a big enough demand for that interest. We want nothing more than to add every one of your interests, but we need to know that others are also excited about getting that category added too. Then we can invest time into sourcing top Quuurators to bring you the best content available. So please keep telling us what you want, because it all gets noted down and we are constantly reviewing this!

For now these are the recurring questions and demands that we’ve seen and we assume that these are the things that would make the biggest difference to your enjoyment of Quuu – let us know if we’ve hit the nail on the head or missed something that you’d be itching to see or have answered, and we’ll take each of your comments into consideration! 

A sincere thanks from the whole Quuu Team to all our users for their support and suggestions, you can be assured that we’re working round the clock to ensure that Quuu keeps delivering the goods.

Co-Founder and CEO at Quuu