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March 29, 2016

The Power of Pushing Content via Quuu - The Sky's the Limit

Matthew Spurr
Quuu just hit a huge milestone, in just a few months since launching, we are already generating over 1.4 million high quality, curated, social media shares per year, which blew our mind, because that stat is rising rapidly every day as we grow.
We are over the moon to announce that as of today Quuu has launched its new feature Promoted Content'. We have definitively proven that Quuu is doing its job, it’s growing people’s social media, seeing engagement soar and pushing website traffic by the truck load. As of this blog going live, Quuu will be offering an advertising service that simultaneously promotes your content on: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in a natural way via influencers! 
Thanks to our team of dedicated Quuurators, we have a library of content that would make most librarians squeal with delight, all queued up and optimised for engagement on social media. But, what you might not already know, is that the content doesn’t come exclusively from our Quuurators, in fact, many of you (who are not yet Quuurators) have submitted content for review via our website. 
Eventually we see this working in a similar to how Facebook charge for promoting posts, however with Quuu, it’s not just placing your content on a sidebar with a ‘sponsored’ message (like an advert), it’s paying for real people, interested in your content, who will physically share your articles with their following. 

Let’s discuss what you stand to gain from submitting content to Quuu

There are 3 major dynamics in play here with Quuu: 
  1. Multi-platform promotion
  2. Influencer Marketing 
  3. Content Marketing for our Quuusers

Multi-platform promotion

To our knowledge there is no solution currently available that allows you to promote your content simultaneously across the 3 major platforms in social media, via one simple transaction. So we’re really excited to be able to offer this service as many of our users have more than one social account connected to their Buffer! It’s an incredible way to extend your reach and to get an idea of how your content performs on each platform to help you better tailor your future marketing efforts. 

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is huge these days, but when we think of this innovative and undeniably effective method, we think of famous people, celebrities, and sports personalities endorsing products. But what Quuu provides is slightly different; indeed we do also have some mega-users with big followings, but the average user of social media in general has approximately 350 followers on Twitter alone. People who sign up for Quuu are savvy marketers, they want quality content, relevant to their followers and they want to save time with minimal risk. They are, by definition, ‘influencers’, they influence their following because if they post something, it is assumed this content is trusted and approved by the sharer, which means their followers are more likely to engage with it, whether this be a click through to the source’s website, a retweet/share or a like. Let me contrast this method to that of traditional paid advertising. With a standard post that has been promoted, they often appear either in a sidebar of some sort or they have a note attached somewhere saying ‘Sponsored Post’ or ‘Featured Item’ or something to that effect - which we feel devalues the message. So this is just one of the reasons why we fervently believe that Quuu is an exciting prospect for the future of advertising via social media. 

Content Marketing

Finally, content marketing needs no introduction, it’s the foundation on which Quuu is built. In the same way that Buffer defaults to transparency, Quuu defaults to quality, and this is why we are strictly selective about the content that gets curated for our users. The reason we know that your posts will not just achieve impressions from your reach, but actual engagement and shares, leading to even greater reach beyond what we can guarantee, is that the nature of content marketing means that higher quality, relevant content, will engage people and they will want to share it themselves with their followings. With this in mind, please consider the power of what Quuu is actually doing with your curated content, it’s finally giving your work the attention it deserves and what you’re getting for your money extends even further beyond what you might imagine Quuu is providing, owing to the viral nature of content marketing. 
As I mentioned previously, in the future we will most likely be charging this based on the exact number of shares per submitted article, but for now, if your articles are accepted by our team after review, then they will be added to Quuu for 1 month and you’ll have the option to renew. To make this fair we have broken down our charges into 3 tiers that accommodate different volumes of subscribers for each category. The reason for this is that we don’t want people paying the same amount if they were submitting an article to an interest category with 15 subscribers as one with 300 subscribers, which would clearly achieve a larger reach over the period of a month. 
We hope that this will be well received by everyone, and that it will provide you with an excellent tool for your advertising needs in finding a highly targeted and effective new route to market! Please do let us know what your reactions are to this in the comments below, we hope it brings you bags of success! 😃 
Matthew Spurr
Co-Founder of Quuu
October 12, 2015
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