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Select relevant interest categories that matter to you and your audience


Quuu will send hand curated content from those interest categories to your Buffer.com account


Manually edit Quuu suggestions (if required) yourself in Buffer

Why Quuu?

Helping you automate part of your social media marketing effort

Automatic Schedule

We’ll send content to your Buffer queue that’s appropriate to your following automatically

Curated content

Content is hand reviewed to ensure complete relevancy and quality

Saving you time

We find great content so you don’t have to!

"Time is money, right? If you believe this to be true, Quuu is the tool for you. By putting your social media marketing on autopilot, you have more time for other areas of your business. All the while, you can rest easy knowing that your social media strategy is in good hands."

Neil Patel - Cofounder of Crazyegg, Hellobar and Kissmetrics

"Quuu is the perfect complement to your existing marketing efforts. Sharing great content helps to increase overall engagement and grow a targeted following."

Sujan Patel - ContentMarketer.io

"Quuu took me 2 minutes to set up, and each morning I receive likes, retweets, and even DMs saying that someone loved the article I shared. It’s the simplest content generation tool I’ve ever used."

Kiki Schirr - KikiSchirr.com


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Content Marketing

Increase your chances of getting accepted on Quuu Promote

It’s always a shame when we have to turn down a submission and although we receive a lot of great content, it’s not uncommon to have to send an email giving feedback as to why a piece was not successful on this occasion. So I wanted to write this guide to help you improve your chances of getting your work into Quuu!
Matthew Spurr
January 19, 2016

Right on Quuu! Our launch on Product Hunt

We want other people to also enjoy the many powerful benefits that Product Hunt can bring, so here are a handful of tips that served us well on the day, and we believe are transferrable to most companies who are planning on launching.
Matthew Spurr
November 9, 2015

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